Locksmith FAQs
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Our Locksmith FAQs

Q: My house key broke in my lock what can be done?

A: I can remove the key and repair the lock to prevent future key breaks (if needed) and make a new key

Q: I am locked out of my business/house can you help?

A: Yes, I offer all types of unlock services and can even make you a new key if you’ve misplaced yours.

Q: My Honda key stopped turning in my ignition and I’m stuck at the store can you fix it?

A: Yes, I offer full ignition repair services. If your Honda ignition fails, we can repair t on the spot.

Q: Can you unlock my car?

A: yes, I unlock all makes and models of vehicles.

Q: I lost the key to my storage unit can you help?

A: Yes, I can remove all storage unit locks and padlocks that you may have lost the key to. If you have many units, I also offer keyed alike padlocks to end the hassle of many keys.

Q: I don’t have keys for a filing cabinet. Can you help?

A: Yes, I can provide new locks or keys for most file cabinets and office furniture.

Q: I own many rent houses. I would like one key that works for all of them but I would like each tenant to have their own key. Is this possible?

A: Yes, this is called master keying. You have one key that works on all your houses or properties. Each tenant’s key only works for their location.

Q: I have several different keys to my business or house. Can you make one key work for all my locks?

A: Yes, I can rekey them so one key operates all the locks.

Q: Can you install a lock with a keypad on my house?

A: Yes, I can install the keypad lock to replace a current lock, or drill holes to do a new install on any wood or metal door.